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When it comes to buying or selling your home, having the right agent can instantly and dramatically increase your chances of success. The right agent can save you thousands on your purchase or make you thousands more on your sale. Think of your real estate professional as a trusted adviser who is there to guide you through the real estate process quickly and safely. Please click on the link you want more information on and we will explain how to use our services to your advantage.


  • Maximum Price
  • Minimum Hassle
  • Separate Party Negotiations
  • Positive Outcomes

Issues in a Divorce Sale


In a divorce the equitable disposition of a family’s home is often the single most important financial decision for each party’s future. It is a path lined with many potential pitfalls. You need a professional with specific skills and expertise to help you on your journey. Divorces or separations are hard enough without the added stress of a conflicted home sale.

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     Benefits of working with an experienced real estate agent:
  • Separate Party Negotiations
  • Maximum Price
  • Minimum Hassles 
  • Positive Outcomes

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“A professionally negotiated settlement on the sale of my home took immense pressure off me during a very difficult time. Thank You!” - Susan B. (Palm Springs, CA)

“I was able to focus on more important things like my children. You are the best!” Barbara K (CA)

"We both discovered that with knowledgeable help we could work together with dignity. Our huge house sale decision was made easy.  We Can’t Thank You Enough!” Robert & Michelle (Desert, CA)

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