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When it comes to buying or selling your home, having the right agent can instantly and dramatically increase your chances of success. The right agent can save you thousands on your purchase or make you thousands more on your sale. Think of your real estate professional as a trusted advisor who is there to guide you through the real estate process quickly and safely. Please click on the link you want more information on and we will explain how to use our services to your advantage.

I pride myself on the following: Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge, Strong Negotiation skills, Innovative problem solving skills, Availability to clients, Patience, Reliability, Positive attitude, Effective communication and Knowledge of the market.

I can help First Time Buyers, Growing families, Boomers ready to downsize, Seniors simplifying their life style and Investors looking for income or distressed properties. I am experienced with the IRS 1031 Tax Deferred Exchange. My goal is to make your home buying or selling experience stress free.

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To Whom It May Concern:

In 2010 my family and I left Surprise Arizona after the housing market crisis. A young man approached us, telling us he could sell our house for us which involved a short sale and working closely with Bank of America and Greentree Financial. He was very convincing with the meetings that we had so we agreed to give him a try. After many months of hearing nothing, we called upon Steve Dawson who was a friend of Toms’ through car shows and events. We asked Steve to check on the status of this house pertaining to the listing. There was no status because there was no listing. We immediately employed Steve to get this job done for us. I am sure you have heard of the horror stories of trying to move vacant houses, dealing with Bank of America and other financial institutions. There are no words to describe the events you must go through to sell a home, you must live the experience, and it’s not a pretty one, especially when you are out of state. But let us tell you now, Awesome Steve Dawson is relentless, tenacious and will never give up until the job is done to his satisfaction. His communication is incredible, as well as his availability any time of the day or night. If he says he will call you, be certain, he will call you. The same with getting you documents through email. He will send them and then call to make sure you received them and lets you know where to send them back too. This man went through a lot for this one sale. He negotiated and followed up with the banks and any loans pertaining to the house and would not let up until he had everything organized. The banks threw many obstacles at Steve and they bounced right off him. He had all the documentation they needed before they asked. He really did his homework. If you’re ready to pull the trigger, Steve Dawson, is your man.


Thomas & Jacqueline Pellegrino

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